CBSE Issues Important Notification: Board Exams 2024, Announces Change for Class 12 Students

CBSE Issues Important Notification

CBSE Issues Important Notification: Board Exams 2024, Announces Change for Class 12 Students

Introduction: A really important announcement coming from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It’s about to change the life of every class 12 student in 2024. They plan on completely changing the way exams are taken with the hopes of making it better for students. This article dives deep into what those changes will look like, and the impacts on students while preparing for their exams.

The Announcement

The CBSE’s latest announcement pertains to the board examinations scheduled for the year 2024,

The board has introduced a concept known as “Continuous Assessment,” which aims to provide a more holistic and comprehensive evaluation of students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

  • Internal Assessment: It’s been decided that CBSE wants to increase the weight of internal exams in 12th-grade board exams. This means that the students will have their finals scored by their continuous assessments conducted by the school throughout the academic year.
  • Flexibility in Assessment: The CBSE Issues Important Notification learned that there needs to be flexibility when testing and assessing students. With this new change, schools will have control over how they want to deliver tests as long as it’s within guidelines provided by the board.
  • Focus on Comprehensive Learning: The bigger focus now is not just preparing for one big exam at the end of a school year, but encouraging comprehensive learning throughout it all. This teaching approach promotes continuous learning and a deeper understanding of subjects rather than just memorizing information for a test.

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Change in Examination Format:

Starting from the 2024 board exams, CBSE Issues Important Notification will introduce a more flexible format for Class 12 students. Under the new system: CBSE will transition to a semester-based examination system. Instead of one final board exam at the end of the academic year, students will face two semesters, each with its own set of examinations. Moreover, the duration of individual exams will be reduced. This change aims to reduce the stress and pressure on students during exams.

Impact on Students CBSE Issues Important Notification

  • Focus on Practical Application: Assessments will focus more on using what students learned practically, giving them valuable life skills.
  • Individualized Assessment: Teachers will be able to create methods that cater specifically to each student’s needs resulting in better evaluations.
  • Reduced Stress: This announcement can help remove the stress and pressure that students usually feel at this point in the year. Graduates will no longer have to prepare for their future in one sitting.
  • Encouragement of Continuous Learning: Thus students won’t cram everything into one session only to forget afterwards.
  • Development of Soft Skills: Like; communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Internal assessments will now encompass these skills, giving students an overall well-rounded education.


The CBSE’s decision to restructure the examination pattern for Class 12 students in 2024 is a significant development in the field of education. This will be through; increasing the importance of internal assessments and reducing the weightage of final board examinations, the board aims to reduce stress, promote continuous learning, and encourage a more comprehensive educational experience

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